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Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Students
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With this website, I would like to offer all those taking an interest in my work an opportunity to obtain a quick overview or to research specific topics.

Some of the links are self-explanatory. The CV page also contains a link to the complete list of my publications.

Under Weltbilder und Weltordnung you will find information about my textbook on theories in international relations.

All contents on this website are and remain my property under copyright law. Downloading of papers is permitted for private use. The usual references to the originals are required, if my material is used in lectures, presentations, or writings. In a few cases, which will be marked, I do not want my material to be quoted yet.

If you want to contact me, please use the following e-mail address: mail(at)gert-krell.de

Responsibility for the contents of this website (front page plus other pages) rests with
Gert Krell, Im Langgewann 37, 65719 Hofheim, Germany.
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